Winners of Head’s Study Design Competition Announced

Eden, Year 7, and Will, Year 8, have been selected to work together with designer Ben Kelly to re-design Mr Smith’s study.

The two students have been selected from 14 applicants who submitted a mood board of their ideas for the design. 

Mr Smith deliberated on the mood boards with Nick Johnson Ben Kelly and Mr Hayley, however, the judges found it too hard to choose just one and decided on joint winners.

Lily-Ella Bright, Hannah Cowell, and Hannah Craig came in close being the runners up for the competition.   

Mr Smith said to the winning students: “It was really hard to judge. I was blown away by you both.”

The level of artistic skill was noticed by Designer Ben Kelly, he said: “The level of skill these students have shown is at the standard of a foundation art degree.”

The two students will collaborate to combine their ideas to create a final design for the Head’s Study.

When asked how they found the project by Mr Smith Will said: “I started gathering my ideas and pictures in November and then narrowed it down and assembled it all during half term.

“I really like designing. My Dad and I always talk about how we would design my Grandparents’ house in Abersoch so when I heard about the chance to design your office I was really excited.”

Eden said: “I really like art and design. I find creating stories really fun and this is how I saw this project, creating a new story for your study.”

Isabell Marsh, Emily Tallon, Emilia Gaddum, Matt Cowell, Maya Wijayasiri, Cameron Hyde, Pheobe Fisher, and Lauren Atkinson were all rated highly commended.

Well done to all who entered the competition, all the designs showed creativity and careful consideration.