Waconians mark World Book Day 2023


Waconians across the School are having a brilliant time celebrating World Book Day 2023!

In the Pre-School, Infant & Junior School, pupils began the day listening to teachers reflect on impactful books they’ve read before they took part in story swaps with other classes.

This year’s theme is ‘British authors’, so each class have chosen a different book to read and base activities around. Year 4 are reading ‘The Screen Thief‘ by Helen Docherty, with the class focussing their day on outdoor activities.

Not to mention a surprise visit from Grandparents for a buddy reading session and a book fair to purchase a new tale to read!

And of course it isn’t World Book Day without fun costumes!

In the Senior School, pupils are celebrating too! Hosted by Year 9 Waconian and book lover Imogen, pupils are turning the tables and putting their teachers to the test in what has become CHS tradition – the annual World Book Day Staff Quiz!

Imogen says: “The quiz was very intense and both teams were very passionate. It was based of the quiz show ‘Only Connect’ so our first round was the ‘Connections’ round where in turn each team got shown a series of four clues and had to identify the connection between them, however if they got it wrong it passed over to the other team for a bonus point. Both teams gave some very articulate answers as well as some very interesting guesses. On our second round the ‘Sequences’ round each team got showed three clues and had to tell me what appeared in the fourth. Both teams found this round slightly harder and a few less points were won.

Our third and final round was ‘The Missing Vowel Round’ and it was very intense. On this round you were given a category (E.g French phrases used in English) and then shown a word fitting that category with the vowels missing (E.g. Djv). The teams then had to the first to buzz in and give the correct word with the vowels restored (In this case it was Deja vu) for a point. However, if you buzzed in and got it wrong you lost a point. This made for a tense and interesting round with a few accusations of cheating thrown in! Captain of ‘The Pedagogical Pedants’ Mr Cawtherly was brilliant at this round and earned his team quite a few points meaning by the end of the quiz it was a 16-point tie so with the tiebreaker question ‘How many copies has Prince Harry’s biography sold?’ The winning team was the ‘Pedagogical Pedants’ who guessed 1.5 million (the answer was 3.2 million). They won a box of chocolates each and the losers won a kinder egg and a book token. All in all, it was a very enjoyable quiz and we hope a rematch can take place next year!”

Photos from the fun-filled day below…