Year 3 Live like Vikings in York

In class Year 3 have been learning about ‘Invaders and Settlers’ and got the chance to visit York to learn more about the Vikings.

The children started the trip with a workshop, led by an archaeologist, where they looked for evidence to help answer the question: ‘Were the Vikings raiders, traders or looter?’

We were very impressed with all of the children’s deduction skills!

During their fun-filled trip, the students travelled back in time to experience a Viking Village at the Jorvik Centre experiencing new sights and new surprising smells.

Mrs Sanders said: “The children were an absolute pleasure to take away. Their behaviour and manners were exemplary but it was their enthusiasm and desire to learn that impressed me the most.

“Every child asked and answered many questions and threw themselves wholeheartedly into every activity.”

The trip ended with the children visiting a replica Viking Village and even got to be a Viking for the day.

They got to farm, make pottery, bake bread and went through soldier training, which came in handy when defending the village for an invading Anglo Saxon!