Year 3 Japanese Club say Konnichiwa! to McCann Sensei

Year 3 were given a fascinating insight into Far Eastern culture when the Junior School Japanese Club were visited by special guest, McCann Sensei.

During the regular lunchtime co-curricular club, each pupil took it in turns to stand up and ask McCann Sensei a question, which she answered whilst wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono.

The pupils asked how do Japanese people write? Does Japan have cars? What does the food taste like? Is it busy? And what is there to do?

They heard that in Japan, young children fold paper cranes as a symbol of peace and that Sumo wrestlers can eat 6000 calories a day.

They found out about the country’s unusual food such as octopus balls and how the people eat bamboo in Spring. McCann Sensei even brought in packages of seaweed, used to wrap sushi, which the pupils could touch and smell.

At the end of the session, the pupils said ‘thank you’ in traditional Japanese style with a bow before McCann Sensei gave each a Japanese sweet to take home.

When asked why she likes Japan so much, McCann Sensei said: “life there is very much like it is over here but I really like how they just do everything that little bit differently… from the way they eat to how they remove their shoes before changing their clothes.”

“Wow! If you’re a sumo wrestler you could eat so much chocolate!” said one pupil.

The Juniors are now looking forward to tasting sushi, seeing photographs of McCann Sensei’s home from when she returns to Japan, and learning more about the country and its people during her next visit to CHS.