Year 7 Explore Answers To Big Questions

This term Year 7 have built Motte and Bailey Castles in History and DNA models in science which has given them chance to reflect on, and try to find the answer to, some of life’s biggest questions.

“We don’t know what is true in every situation, but we can infer and use evidence on what happened in situations despite our uncertainty.” (Frank, Year 7)

“We know what is true by studying factual information and, in the case of subjective truth, thinking about what we believe in and how it can change how we live.” (Amy, Year 7)

“Our identity is many things but I have learnt that you must be proud of your identity and how even the smallest of things shape who you are.” (Sebastian, Year 7)

“In this school course so far, I have learnt about what I am made of, where I live, what happened that has changed me in subjects like History, Science and Geography. All of these contribute to who I am and give me a clearer idea of how I want to be.” (Eddie, Year 7)

Over the final week of term, the students have been reflecting on these Big Questions from their learning in individual subjects and from their wider considerations across and beyond the set curriculum. Students are also enjoying choosing books from our Year 7 Big Questions Reading List.

“We really want to encourage our pupils to understand how their academic subjects will help them take on the challenges that they and society will face in the years and decades ahead. We also want Waconians to think across subjects and see how they work together. The Big Questions have started that process, and it has been great to see pupils tackle them with gusto in their first term.” (Mr Axon)