Pre-School Application Form


Should you require any assistance completing this form, please contact our Admissions Team on 0161 488 3345 or email


  • To register your child for our Pre-School, please complete the relevant online form below and transfer your £80 registration fee via our secure payment gateway, which appears at the end of the form. 
  • Before you complete our application form, please ensure the pop-ups on your device are enabled. You will need to complete all fields marked with an *
  • By completing the application form, you declare you are the parent(s) / holder(s) of parental responsibility for the child and you request the child be registered. By submitting the form and making the registration fee payment you understand, accept and agree that:
  • CHS will apply to your child’s current school for information including a school reference.
  • The school may hold and process any personal data about you as parent(s) / holder of parental responsibility and your child, (including sensitive personal data such as a child’s medical details) for the purposes of (1) administering its list of prospective pupils (2) registration and admission procedures, and (3) communicating with parent(s) / holders of parental responsibility of prospective pupils about the school and generally managing relationships between the school and its prospective parent(s) / holder of parental responsibility and, if a place is offered, in order to safeguard the child.
  • Please see a copy of our current Admissions Policy
  • USE OF YOUR DATA:  All personal information collected in accordance with your registration for a place at the school and any subsequent information collected in the future will be held, used and/or shared in accordance with the school’s Privacy Policy  All personal data is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.