Core Maths

Core Maths is a new Level 3 (equivalent of AS) qualification designed to equip students with the mathematical skills needed for work, study and life.

Core Maths is different from A Level Maths in that the focus is on problem solving in real life contexts, particularly in a financial or statistical context.

  • Core Maths particularly supports the quantitative skills required in new A Level specifications for subjects such as Geography, Psychology, Biology and Economics.
  • The course would be ideal for someone who was considering courses that require a certain element of statistical analysis or financial knowledge but who doesn’t want to or doesn’t feel confident enough taking A Level Maths.
  • There is no specific entry requirement for this course.

The primary topics covered are

  • Financial Maths including Interest, Taxation and Retail Price Index
  • Representing and Comparing Data through graphs and measures of central tendency.
  • The Normal Distribution
  • Correlation, Regression and Lines of Best fit
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Estimation

Course Structure

The course will be for the duration of the Lower Sixth only (receiving the same lesson allocation as any other subject). There will be two 90 minute exam papers at the end of the year.

  • Paper 1 will involve analysing data, maths for personal finance and estimation
  • Paper 2 will involve statistical techniques relevant to other subjects

Reading and Resources

No additional reading is required, although the department is always happy to recommend books on recreational Mathematics (of which there are many).  Additional resources to help with exam preparation can be found on the MEI website and through – both of which we have subscriptions to.

Exam Board: AQA