Modern Languages Pathway

The Modern Languages Pathway is designed for students who would like to pursue a career in a field that requires language proficiency.

The Pathway presents the opportunity to develop language proficiency and understanding beyond the timetabled curriculum options.

It also focuses on complementary skills for linguists whilst building awareness of the contexts in which languages are used in the commercial world.

Each student will design their own bespoke programme at the beginning of the year in conjunction with the staff leading the Pathway.

For the Modern Languages Pathway it is expected that students will study at least one Modern Language. It may be advantageous for students looking to go on to study for a Modern Languages Degree to be studying two languages, but this is obviously not essential.

A modern language is also strongly recommended by many of the top universities, as it combines well with any subject; “at a time of globalisation of business and finance, the ability to communicate in a foreign language can significantly enhance your career prospects” (UCL website).

Option 1

Each fortnight, students will go to North Cheshire Jewish Primary School to do outreach and teach French/German to Year 6 pupils there.

Option 2

Students will do outreach at North Cheshire Jewish Primary school, and also complete The University of Bristol MOOCs ‘Cultural Studies and Modern Languages: An Introduction’ and ‘Cultures and Identities in Europe’, which is a four week course.

Option 3

Students will complete the TEFL Online course.

Option 4

Students will complete a course at the Goethe InstituteAlliance Francaise or the Instituto Cervantes or University of Manchester Language Centre in the language of their choice. This is a twilight weekly session.


  • Contributions to and managing sections of ‘The Cultured Linguist’ magazine
  • Contributions to the Mother Tongue Other Tongue Poetry competition
  • Contributions to the Stephen Spender Translation Competition.

Modern Languages Pathway lead:

Jemma Becker