Sport Pathway

There are three academic options for Sport in the Sixth Form at CHS.

These can be chosen alongside regular Sport provision which is available and open to all students studying in the Sixth Form at CHS (including Games, during lunch, before/after school practices and Saturday Sport).

The Sport Pathway

The pathway is tailored for students’ needs according to their aspirations and may include strength & conditioning training, 1-1 or small group training, coaching opportunities.

Students should opt for the Sports Pathway if they would like to develop and improve their personal performance as a player/performer or if they have an interest in pursuing a sports related career.

Elite Sport Programme

This is for students who have genuine aspirations to perform sport at a high level. They will have 6 curriculum lessons per cycle. There is an application process for this and further information can be found here. As part of the Elite Sport Programme, students choose either 3 x A Levels, or the BTEC Level 3 Sport Extended Diploma.

BTEC Level 3 Sport Extended Diploma

This is for students who wish to pursue a career / university course in sport. They cannot choose any other A Level with this and also must do the Elite Sport Programme and Sport Pathway.

BTEC Sport Extended Diploma

Through the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma students will receive the equivalent of three A Levels covering units such as Anatomy and Physiology, Analysis of Sporting Performance and a Research Investigation in Sport and Exercise Science. Click here for further information about content and assessment of the BTEC Sport.

Students can study any combination of A-Levels and/or Pre-U subjects with any Plus one option and still take advantage of the Sports Pathway.

Students following the Sports Pathway will be asked to choose a combination of the following options:

  • Strength and Conditioning Programme
  • Individual Performance Analysis
  • Small group performance coaching in major sports offered at CHS
  • Coaching/Officiating Qualifications
  • Work Experience within the PE Department at CHS
  • Work Experience outside CHS with professional sports clubs and agencies