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Host: Mr Haines, CHS Head of Business & Economics

As part of our new series which sheds light on the subjects available to Sixth Form Students at CHS, Mr Haines has taken over as Ed. Podcast host to tell you everything you need to know about studying A Level Economics at CHS!

Answer some FAQ‘s about the course, learn about the course outline and requirements as well as co-curricular opportunities, and hear from Lower Sixth Waconian Naisha as she gives you a glimpse into life at CHS Sixth Form.

Host: Ms Meehan, CHS Classics Teacher

As part of our new series which sheds light on the subjects available to Sixth Form Students at CHS, Ms Meehan has taken over as Ed. Podcast host to tell you everything you need to know about studying A Level Classics at CHS!

Answer some FAQ’s about the course, learn about the course outline and requirements as well as co-curricular opportunities, and hear from current and Old Waconians about what life at CHS Sixth Form is really like.

Host:  Mrs Barr, CHS Business & Economics Teacher

As part of our new series which sheds light on the subjects available to Sixth Form Students at CHS, Mrs Barr has taken over as Ed. Podcast host to tell you everything you need to know about studying A Level Business at CHS!

Answer some FAQ’s about the course, learn about the course outline and requirements as well as co-curricular opportunities, and hear from current Lower Sixth Waconians Ollie and Kate as they give you a glimpse into their world at CHS Sixth Form.

Host: Sidney, Year 7

In the run up to CHS’s first Eco-Con, CHS’s top eco warriors have come together to bring you an episode chatting about all things Sustainability!

Hear from Waconians Zaid and Alexandros as they chat about an important discovery they made involving the trees and nature at CHS; Grab some top gardening tips from CHS’s Junior School Eco Committee and find out more about CHS’s Eco initiatives from CHS’s Senior Operations Manager Mr Mancey-Johnson and CHS’s School Council.

Host: CHS Sixth Form Equality Society

As February is LGBTQ+ History Month, CHS’s Equality Society has come together to bring you a very special edition of the Ed. Podcast!

Hear Adam Barkes, Associate Director of Education, Youth and Sport at Stonewall, tell us about the current initiatives Stonewall are supporting and how Schools can continually strive towards LGBTQ+ Equality; take part in a quick-fire LGBTQ+ History Quiz with Waconians Hannah, Olivia and Toby; and stay up to date with current news and events with Equality Society member and Ed. Podcast newscaster, Erin.

Host: Sidney, Year 7

Welcome back to The Ed Podcast! Your new host Sidney kicks off Season 3 by painting you a picture of the UK’s most ambitious Art Fair, where the impressive artwork of CHS’s very own artists was on display!

Hear from Head of Art & Design Mr Hayley as he lets us into the preparation that goes into CHS’s pupil exhibition at the fair; and feel like you’re at the fair with a chat with pupils taking part in live demonstration and workshops in front of thousands of people. And finally, take a peek into the creative mind of Manchester born artist Stanley Chow as he talks about the creation of his iconic celebrity portraits.

Host: Thomas, Lower Sixth

This International Women’s Day, Lower Sixth pupil Thomas introduces some fascinating stories as we discover how Cheadle Hulme School’s Waconians – past and present – have been inspired by the women in their lives.


Sixth Form water-skiing star, Lucy shares what gender equality looks like in her sport. Lower Sixth Scientist and musical theatre lover Audrey talks all things rocket science and pursuing her love of STEM subjects in an often male-dominated field after leaving her school in Mexico and moving to the UK in Year 9. Aspiring structural engineer Grace discusses building the bridges in her path towards her perfect career after receiving the coveted Arkwright Scholarship Award and work experience with Network Rail. Old Waconian and Imperial College student Lauren, Class of 2019, joins the discussion to share the post-school view and reveals how her study of medical bio science has developed her passion for human health and will be taking her overseas to New York. Senior School pupil Amy discusses gender equality and the conclusions of her research about “Why Men Should be Feminists” which picked up one of this year’s CHS Duncan Mathison prizes. And hear the views of some pupils offering the ‘male’ perspective about the importance of International Women’s Day.

Host: Mrs Charlotte Aspin, CHS Alumni Relations Manager

“Pam and I first ‘noticed’ each other when Pam was in the 3rd Form and I was in the 4th. We didn’t begin dating until we were in Sixth Form and were married the year after university. CHS has a strong affection for both of us.”  – Pam and Alan, Class of 1963.

In a very special, short and very sweet, Valentine’s Day edition of Cheadle Hulme School’s Ed. Podcast, former pupils and childhood sweethearts Pam and Alan Thorniley kindly took some time to share their own School days love story. Join CHS’s Alumni Relations manager, Charlotte to hear the couple reminisce of their times together and apart; joining the School as individuals and later, becoming husband and wife during their own Old Waconian wedding. And how, 55 years later, their love has never been stronger. What were the reactions when they first got together? And do they have any wise words of wisdom for what makes a happy marriage? Tune in to find out.

Host: Annie, Year 10

Cake-making, musicals, jazz music, marketing and psychology are all hot topics of discussion in this episode as we catch up with the prize-winners of CHS’s annual Duncan Matheson Award.

Discussing their chosen topics, the pupils talk about why they chose such fascinating subjects to research during their summer holidays; they even share a few tips for those embarking upon their own project entries for the Duncan Matheson prize in future. Mrs Dalton-Woods, CHS’s Duncan Matheson Award programme co-ordinator, whose specific role involves looking after the School’s Independent Learning programmes, also shares what skills are developed by taking part and how this can help pupils who later decide to embark upon projects for the Higher Project upon the Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) in Year 10 as an additional subject which is equivalent to half a GCSE, or the academic Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in Lower Sixth as a fourth option and equal to half an A Level which prepares pupils for study beyond Sixth Form. CHS’s Duncan Matheson project is introduced at the end of Year 8 and handed in at the start of Year 9. A 10-hour challenge, pupils choose their own topic title to investigate and present their findings in a format of their choice. It is designed to give pupils time to be creative and explore their passions away from the curriculum whilst increasing their understanding and use of CHS’s Thinking Skills developed in lesson time.

Host: Sol, Year 10

If you’ve ever found yourself strolling towards Cheadle Hulme School’s big green door during the Autumn term, you will find yourself greeted by a parade of world flags lining the pathway. They can mean only one thing… it’s time for CHS’s very own Model United Nations conference, more affectionately known as MUNCH!

Each year the weekend-long event sees pupils from Schools around the region gather at CHS to debate world issues. It’s where pupils come together to discuss topics that matter; subjects as diverse as human rights, political affairs, humanitarian aid, sustainable development and communications… So join Year 10 pupil host, Sol, in the classrooms-come-conference rooms as he takes you behind the scenes and to the very heart of the debating action. Hear from MUNCH 2021 Head of Press, Rohit, chats with the Human Rights, Security and Political Committee Chairs and delegates, MUNCH Co-ordinator, Mrs Shand, Old Waconian and former MUNCH Secretary General, Dr Aaron Hewitt, Class of 2012.

Host: Mr Andy Wrathall, CHS Waconian Programme Co-Ordinator

Need more time in your day? To relax more? Extra motivation? To sleep better? Or to reconnect with your mind and body?

In the latest edition of our award-winning Ed.Podcast, CHS’s Waconian Programme lead, Mr Wrathall is guest host and in the very first teacher-led episode, he shares his top ten, 2-minute wellbeing takeaways for how to feel good. Packed with practical tips and advice, Mr Wrathall looks at an aspect of daily life and discusses small adjustments which can easily be integrated into our routines to benefit us all and allow us to live our lives better. Compiled from the weekly posts on his Looking After Ourselves blog shared with the School community during lockdown, Mr Wrathall has recorded his simple suggestions to help us all stay well and support each other, including; How to sleep better, Getting more lux light, Learning how to breathe, Getting away from tech, Scheduling your day, Transition, Being mindful, Being active, Having a rest, and Creating habits.

Host: Annie, Year 10

Taking you from Broomefield to Broadway, Year 11 host Annie guides you through 3 Acts to raise the curtain on the exhilarating and dramatic world of Musical Theatre at CHS.

Since 2015, the School’s all-singing, all-dancing Co-Curricular activity has provided an expressive and creative outlet for many pupils – often going on to become familiar faces appearing in TV series on the BBC and Netflix, or performing at the West End – but how has musical theatre at CHS helped them? What is it really like to be involved? And why are more and more students taking part each year? Waiting in the wings, current CHS thespians shine a spotlight on their own centre-stage experiences and discuss the buzz of backstage as they reflect upon recent shows including 13, Les Misérables, Seussical The Musical, Grease and Chicago! Tread the boards with Old Waconian thespians who invite you to follow their dramatic post-CHS journeys, and reveal the highlights of their most memorable performances from their time in school. Hear what happens during countless hours of ensemble rehearsals with CHS’s talented musicians as Musical Theatre Music Director, Mr Mann explains why the magic of a strong melody should never be underestimated. And don’t forget your dancing shoes as you step into CHS’s dance studio to meet the School’s Musical Theatre Choreographer, Mr Clarke, who shares a few secrets to the shows’ dance routine success.

Host: Sol, Year 10

4 weeks since Cheadle Hulme School’s first Giving Day, experience the buzz and calling hub chatter for yourself; the School Council’s altruistic Sixth Form pupils reveal what it was like to really push themselves beyond their comfort zone and rise to the ultimate fundraising challenge; to call the School’s former students (Old Waconians), swap stories, and together raise more than £30,000 for The Bursary Fund.

Head Boy, James and Head Girl Beth speak candidly about leading and supporting the Council team through the process, not to mention a spot of healthy competition! Council member, Alex shares his own charitable highlights of becoming a Giving Day caller, and Sixth Form pupil Mehar talks of what it was like to speak with the Old Waconian who helped fund his own place at CHS. Returning to the Ed. Podcast, Year 13 medic Maisha explains why Giving Day is still as relevant today as when she first became a Bursary Waconian herself. And the School’s Fundraising Manager, Mrs Jen Kincaid tells how Giving Day fed into the School’s “Amazing” campaign to offer support and increase social diversity within the CHS community.

Host: Thomas, Lower Sixth

Bringing you a Remembrance special, Year 11 student Thomas is your host and guides you through Cheadle Hulme School’s annual Service of Remembrance.

In the absence of a physical ceremony, usually held annually in front of the School’s main building, join students, staff and Old Waconians in marking 75 years since VE Day and VJ Day by listening to them recall the poignant story of the Spanish Flu, alongside a selection of readings, a 2-minute silence and the Last Post. Hear from Old Waconian (former pupil) currently serving on the Front Line, Lieutenant Jamie Grace, Class of 2012 who speaks directly from his base in Estonia; discover the hidden history of CHS’s Sundial memorial; and hit the high seas with Old Waconian doctor-in-training and Naval Officer, Hal Dewhurst, Class of 2016. Readings include; ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae, read by Lieutenant and Old Waconian, Jamie Grace, Class of 2012; James Niven’s Story, read by Year 8 pupils, Alex Viveash and Emmie Roberts; Reconciliation by Siegfried Sassoon, read by CHS Infant & Junior School Head, Mr Vincent Weightman; CHS Story: Old Waconian Frances E Smith, read by Year 11 pupils Josh Chalk and Charlotte Freeman; Sonnet by John Buxton, read by CHS Deputy Head (Academic), Mr Nick Axon; Excerpt from Pandemic 1918 by Catharine Arnold, read by Head Boy, James Whelan; Can We Start Over, read by Junior School Teacher Mrs Jessica Feraille; There Will be Peace, read by Head Girl, Beth Harrison; and Extract from ‘The Fallen’ read by CHS Head, Mr Neil Smith.

Host: Annie, Year 10

Take a trip through Pentagon Yard and dash past Derby Building for a special episode from Cheadle Hulme School’s Design & Technology workshops.

As well as budding engineers, its where thinkers and problem-solvers prepare their portfolios, sketch out their ideas, and work on hefty machinery to create an array of impressive projects… speakers… bike racks…. wall clocks… mobile phone holders… you name it! And its where those creative sparks of inspiration often lead to the students pursing their love of design and STEM at university and beyond. Meet CHS Teacher of Design & Technology, Mrs Metcalfe and Year 10 student Maham, the winner of the DT Department’s Cheadle Chilli Challenge who reveal more about the Department’s latest skills competition which asks students, hot is your Design and Techology? Old Waconian, David Hunt, Class of 1998, the Chief Digital Officer and CEO at Havas Health & You beams in from his home in California, to reveal more about his own journey from being a pupil at CHS with a passion for problem-solving and how Waconians can use their curiosity and creativity to have a greater impact upon society. PLUS! Hear CHS Director of Technology, Mr Luke Dunn reveal how the School uses real-world contexts to challenge pupils; how paperwork is becoming a thing of the past; and how Design Technology has become a vital part of growing extra skills including independent learning and project management.

Hosts: Annie and Sol, Year 10 and Thomas, Lower Sixth

Your newest hosts Annie, Thomas and Sol kick off Season 2 by saying hello and introducing themselves so you can get to know them a little better,

Before they begin sharing all the action from Cheadle Hulme School, Annie, Sol, and Thomas give a taster of what the CHS experience is really like. What are their favourite School subjects? – What are their dream careers? – Which co-curricular activities do they take part in? – What was it like starting as a pupil at CHS? – What is truly, the BEST thing about Cheadle Hulme School? In our new shorter, more focused, Ed. Podcast format hear how they answered each of these questions (and more!) before they take to the mic and present their own episodes about a variety of exciting topics from across the School.

Hosts: Sol and Annie, Year 10 and Thomas, Lower Sixth

In a special, double episode, new hosts Sol, Annie and Thomas celebrate the end of another season of sporting success at Cheadle Hulme School – and what lies ahead for its young athletes of the future.

Over 60 minutes – and some extra time! – take a hop, skip and jump across the School’s netball and tennis courts, hit the hockey, football, rugby and cricket pitches, stretch out in The Gym, Pavilion and Fitness Suite, and make a splash in The Swim as we discuss CHS sport in terms of mind, body and spirit. What is CHS’s Elite Sports pathway and High Performance Programme really like? Rising sports stars Ollie, Pan and Hannah share their experience. Meet newly appointed CHS Head of Elite Performance Mr Groves, and join CHS’s sports coaches in a special Team Talk. There’s Football Focus with Mr Wood and Mrs Currie-Hateley; they discuss the increasing number of girls turning to football for fitness and playing competitively, and ace Defender, Megan gives her own account of what she enjoys most about the game. Hear advice from special guests; Blackburn Rovers F.C.’s Performance Nutritionist and Director and Founder of ‘I, IGOR’, Callum Edwards talks nutrition, and CHS Parent and Director of Harris and Ross Physiotherapy, Jeff Ross (alongside CHS Coach Ashley Young) discusses the importance of Strength & Conditioning. Junior athletes pitch some challenging questions to CHS Junior School Sports Coach, Mr Cartwright about developing athleticism from a young age; CHS Swimming Coach, Mrs Vernon reflects upon the altruistic Cheadle Channel Challenge swimmers who took on the overnight swim, and Old Waconian and professional windsurfer, Sarah Jackson, Class of 2016 talks alternative sport in regular feature, Old Waconian of the Month. CHS Coaches and international athletes Miss Thomas and Mr Brown, reveal how their personal experiences of representing their country in netball and cricket has helped their students. And as a special cheerio to cricket fan and CHS Second Master, Mr Winter – after good innings as a much-loved member of staff for the past 27 years – he picks the Old Waconians who would make up his ‘all-star’ first eleven.

Episode split:

  • Part 2: Junior Sport | Strength & Conditioning | Cheadle Channel Challenge | OWOTM | Mr Winter’s First Eleven Cricket | Staff Experience = Student Experience | Team Talk pt.2
  • Part 1: Team Talk pt.1 | Elite Performance Vs High Performance | Food & Sport | Football Focus

Host: James, Class of 2020

Meet the Class of 2020 as they prepare for life beyond Cheadle Hulme School.

Virtually broadcasting from CHS’s Sixth Form Centre, join the Upper Sixth as they take their next steps and become Old Waconians. Hear what leaving CHS means to the students who have had to say a socially-distanced goodbye to their classmates as they reflect on their School days of the past, make career plans in the present, and discuss their hopes for the future. What are Class of 2020’s highlights? Which unforgettable moments will they share as they chat about the teachers who have inspired them and the qualities that make CHS unique? And in these unpredictable times, Head Girl, Laura reveals what working in a post-pandemic world could look like for her as she pursues her dream of becoming a travel writer. As for what the Class of 2020 can expect from their first year as Old Waconians? Brandon Few, Class of 2014, gives his own insight and tells how it’s never been so easy to stay connected with the School, not to mention why those reunions and opportunities for networking, mentoring and volunteering have never been so important. PLUS: Graduation congratulations from Head of Sixth Form, Mr Axon; and President of the Old Waconians’ Association, broadcaster and Strictly Come Dancing star, Katie Derham, Class of 1988 officially welcomes the Class of 2020 to the Old Waconian community.

Host: James, Class of 2020

Delving further into the world of Cheadle Hulme School, this time, we bring CHS even closer to home; hear how the School has been tackling the period of enforced remote learning through the eyes of CHS’s families, students and staff as they share their own Covid-19 lockdown stories and how, even when we’re apart under these difficult circumstances, CHS is all in this together.

Virtually visit the homes of some CHS families who send an audio postcard ‘from our home’ and share their own lockdown survival guides; students talk from their Waconian workspaces about their remote learning experience; and teachers share pages from their School planners and talk about what lockdown looks like for them as they ensure students’ education and wellbeing needs are met alongside the needs of their own families. There’s even remote Form Time fun with Year 11 and Year 9, a poem from Old Waconian former student Fred Cornes, Class of 1957 and hear how CHS has been supporting those in need; take a trip to the Design & Technology Department production line as they create PPE face shields for the NHS and Jonathan Billings of Stockport homelessness charity The Wellspring explains how you can support them with the One CHS Challenge.

Stay safe everyone!

Host: James, Class of 2020

It’s the Spring term so we’re celebrating all the exciting news and activities from across the School that the season has to offer…

With Sixth Form host James as your guide, get to know CHS’s newest teachers; Junior School Deputy Head Mrs Feraille reveals more about her role and hobbies, as well as those of Senior School Teacher of Computing, Business & Economics, Mrs Barr. In honour of International Women’s Day, CHS’s girls choosing STEM subjects as part of their career paths reveal more about their entries into the School’s annual Peter Bullock prize. The Junior rugby girls say why they love their sport, and travel to India with Old Waconian of the Month, Class of 1968’s Nicola Tansley who gives an insight into her volunteer work with underprivileged Tibetan communities. Sixth Form students also navigate the current COVID-19 lockdown; Year 13 violinist Daniel tells more about the rehearsals which were taking place for the cancelled Spring Concert and Year 12 Young Enterprise team Managing Director Rami reveals the secret to his team’s success after becoming Area Winners of the national competition.

Host: James, Class of 2020

Sixth Form host James introduces a new ‘in focus’ series, The Ed Podcast presents… with a new format that will allow you to spend some quality time in the company of those with their own unique connection to Cheadle Hulme School (CHS).

In this episode get to know writer, comedian, actor and all-round television personality John Thomson. Joining CHS Head, Mr Smith, at the School’s ChEd Talk event, John discusses his past, present and future, giving a candid insight into his story so far. You can hear the Cold Feet, Men Behaving Badly and Fast Show star speak about what it’s really like to work in the creative world of television and we delve a little deeper into the roles which have made him a household name. He even tells of what it was like to grow up as an aspiring comedian and performer in Salford and Manchester, then becoming part of the city’s Comedy circuit performing at Chorlton’s Buzz Club with fellow impressionists Caroline Aherne, Paul Whitehouse and Steve Coogan. The conversation also explores the challenges actors face on the international stage as John takes us from LA to what he has in store for the future. Not to mention a few extra surprises along the way…

Host: James, Class of 2020

In the fifth episode, The Ed. Podcast wishes all its listeners a Healthy New Year!

If you’re a resolution maker – particularly one embarking upon a new active regime with plenty of exercise and healthy eating – hear top tips from CHS sports scholars who talk motivation, as well as from Nick of CHS’s catering team Independents By Sodexo, giving his own nutritional words of wisdom. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about your mental health? CHS School Counsellor Rachel Vora gives a few of her own suggestions for combating exam stress and Seasonal Affective Disorder, whilst Year 7 Book Club discuss their favourite reads they have enjoyed during some moments of calm. Get energetic with the Senior School Zumba Class, find out more about what it’s really like to be a Year 6 studying for the Senior School entrance exams and catch up with Solicitor and Class of 1994’s Warren Heyman, this episode’s ‘Old Waconian of the Month.’

Host: James, Class of 2020

Our fourth episode of The Ed. Podcast explores the festive and the altruistic side of life at CHS. Year 13 host James is here to guide you through a seasonal offering of carols and good deeds as students and staff tell how they’ll be celebrating this special time of year and helping to support others…

Enjoy a seasonal soundtrack provided by CHS’s very own Senior Chorus, Schola Cantorum… not to mention a few of the sweetest, most angelic voices from our Infant and Junior singers. Get festive with news of what happened when a team of CHS students hosted ‘Coffee, cake and carols’ for the elderly residents of their local community and find out exactly what goes into making 1400 Christmas dinners with CHS’s Head Chef, Andy from award-winning catering team, Independents by Sodexo. Pupils tell how they spend their time volunteering with some incredible charitable organisations; find out how the Juniors have been showing ‘Compassion’ at Christmas and, like Old Waconian of the Month, Rachel Gunn (Class of 2013) are striving to protect the environment. Bursary student Maisha discusses how the Bursary fund could be one of the most important gifts to offer this season; and hear how a team of 40 CHS pupils have been preparing to help Peruvian communities when they embark upon a vital and enriching international expedition in 2020.

Host: James, Class of 20202

Our third episode of The Ed. Podcast explores the Academic side of life at CHS. Year 13 host James guides you through a series of interviews and discussions about what it means to ‘be academic’ and the way students’ learning is incorporated into life at CHS.

You can hear what pupils and their teachers really think about homework; find out more about what a typical day involves for Old Waconian of the Month and Deputy Head of the North West Crown Prosecution Service, Annabel Hartley; and Deputy Head (Teaching & Curriculum), Mr Richardson chats with Year 6 parent Mrs Entwistle about what to expect from the School’s curriculum beginning September 2020. Pop in to the Christopher Simon building to find out about the 25 languages spoken across the School and how to help your child with their linguistic studies, hear what Year 4 most enjoyed about their trip to Manchester’s Science & Industry Museum, get a flavour of co-curricular activity, Model United Nations and learn about what’s involved in the Oxbridge application process.

Host: James, Class of 20202

In the second episode of The Ed. Podcast, Year 13 host James takes you on a journey through the artistic side of life at the School across music, art, drama, and literature.

Hear what‘s been inspiring CHS’s Juniors artists; take a trip to Boston and New York with CHS’s literature students; meet rising Waconian band The Schrutes as they prepare for G!G; Head of Art, Mr Hayley reveals his own artistic inspirations; and become an honorary member of The School Council as they welcome you to one of their weekly meetings. Find out what it’s like to paint in front of a live audience at Manchester Art Fair; meet Theatre Director and “Old Waconian of the Month”, George Perrin; catch up with the cast of Senior School production, The Crucible, and find out more about CHS’s Sixth Form Arts Pathway and Arts Award from CHS Director of Drama, Ms Harms and CHS Teacher of Drama, Mrs Gardner.

Host: James, Class of 20202

In the first episode of The Ed. Podcast, Year 13 host James is your guide, as students from across the school tell how they’ve been settling in to their ‘back to school’ routines.

Hear what CHS’s Sixth Form students think of their new Sixth Form Centre; Year 7 talk about their residential trip; and CHS Director of Sport Mr Higgins reflects on the School’s most successful season yet. Meet mathematician and “Old Waconian of the Month”, Kit Yates; hear what CHS’s young scientists got up to during the summer at bluedot festival and enjoy hearing the pupils interview a few of the newest members of staff.