Why Co-education?

“Through a fully co-educational experience, gender does not limit pupils’ thinking or participation in the School curriculum and extensive co-curricular programme.” – ISI Inspection, April 2017

Co-education from the very beginning

When the School was established in 1855, co-education was at the heart of its vision and to this date, boys and girls continue to learn, work and develop together, benefiting from each other’s insights and interpretations.

Growing up and learning through co-education makes sense to us and best prepares our young people for adulthood. In a co-educational word, real learning takes place when pupils understand that we decipher the world around us differently based upon our background, values and gender. Learning how to listen, to challenge and accept diversity is an important lesson from the earliest age.

Educating boys and girls together is education in its fullest, richest and broadest sense: it is balanced, stimulating, challenging and exciting. It is also vital to forming strong relationships and developing effective communication styles – essential qualities of a happy life and a good educational outcome.