“The subject that holds the key to the world’s problems” – Michael Palin


Our aim is to inform, excite and energise students with a passion for explaining everything that is outside their windows. Geography is a dynamic subject about our diverse world, where events in one place are part of a wider chain of events, often spanning the whole globe. Our complex interaction with the fragile environment requires increasingly careful and sophisticated analysis. These issues, which present important intellectual and practical challenges, are the central themes of modern Geography.

We encourage interactive learning through investigation and enquiry to develop both graphical and geographical skills. The use of ICT is encouraged, to enhance written assignments, and for research, data analysis and presentation. Students are immersed in as much hands-on on experience as possible through practical work and fieldtrips.

Fieldwork is an essential part of Geography and we take students out of the classroom, even if only within the school grounds, as often as we can. Year 8 enjoy a day trip to Castleton and Mam Tor, Year 9 visit the Trafford Centre, GCSE students have separate human and physical field trips and Sixth Form students embark upon a residential field trip to North Wales. As well as the integral trips for study, the department visits Iceland every two years with GCSE students.

Geography is compulsory in the first three years of the Senior School. At GCSE Geography is a popular optional subject.