Science (Year 7 & 8)

Lower School Science

The Lower School science department provides Year 7 and Year 8 with a challenging and dynamic curriculum which covers a broader introduction to biologychemistry and physics (studied as separate subjects from Year 9).

Pupils have one teacher who teaches them all three disciplines of science; biology, chemistry and physics.

This allows the teacher to build a strong relationship with pupils and reinforce the essential science skills which are so important to have an excellent working knowledge of how to work scientifically.

Year 7 have 7 lessons of science per two week cycle and Year 8 pupils have 6 lessons per cycle. CHS has 2 well-equipped Lower School science laboratories, both with new, state of the art interactive boards, and a full time Lower School science technician.

New for September 2018 is a Year 7 curriculum which has a greater focus on skill development and embeds numeracy in the curriculum; all skills which are further tested at GCSE and A Level.

The department has written its own in house scheme, which is reinforced by using an online resource called Activate by Kerboodle.

All pupils have access to a digital text book with many other online resources and assessment to support learning.

The Year 8 scheme will be developed to follow on from this for September 2019.

The topics covered in Year 7 are:

  • Introduction to working scientifically and Cells
  • Particle model and elements
  • Forces and Space
  • Human reproduction and plant reproduction
  • Energy and temperature
  • Acids and alkalis and types of reactions
  • Sound and light
  • Diet and digestion and Movement

The topics covered in Year 8 are:

  • Keeping Healthy
  • Atoms, elements and compounds
  • Heating and cooling
  • Microbes and disease
  • Separating mixtures
  • Space
  • Classification and feeding relationships

Each topic is assessed throughout using formative assessment and also assessed at the end of each topic with a Common Test.

Science lessons are very skills-based and therefore have a large practical element to them.

Pupils visit Chester Zoo during Year 8 where they take part in a scientific skills workshop which helps  reinforce their skills in a real life setting, observing the chimpanzees.