CHS X Madlug collaboration continues with inspirational Year 13 talk from Madlug’s Founder

Year 13 students welcomed visionary speaker, Mr Dave Linton, Founder of Madlug for a ‘Beyond CHS’ lecture last week. 

Madlug’s mission – to restore dignity to the thousands of young people  in the UK’s care system – is a call that resonates deeply with CHS’s founding ethos. Upon learning that a staggering number of these children had to transport their belongings in mere black bin bags, our community was moved. It was an unsettling reality that Linton himself couldn’t ignore. “It broke my heart, and I knew I had to address this,” he shared.

Dave recounted how he started Madlug (an acronym for ‘Make A Difference Luggage’) with a mere £500, emphasising that where there’s vision, monetary constraints become secondary. “If it’s important to you, just do it, money will follow the vision,” he declared. His testimony became even more compelling when he revealed how, from such humble beginnings, Madlug’s bags made their way into the John Lewis Christmas Advert campaign just last year.

During the Q&A, students quizzed Dave on startup advice – where he encouraged boldness over procrastination and embracing failure as a stepping stone to success.

Before concluding, Dave presented a challenge, urging students to discover their own ‘black bin bag story.’ In other words, to identify a cause they feel deeply about and to act on it and make a tangible difference in the world.

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