Business & Economics

The Economics Department aims to interest students, develop their confidence and self-reliance whilst always achieving academic success. The students are encouraged to develop a variety of skills relevant to their future careers and lives.



Economics is highly regarded by Admissions Tutors for a wide range of courses in HE and is an excellent complement to Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography and Politics. It is also particularly suited to the skill–set of many scientists who may be looking for an extra subject to provide variety in their Post-16 choices.

A degree in Economics might lead to careers in the City, and other financial areas, as well as public policy making, but will also develop the analytical skills necessary in a large number of careers, such as journalism or Law.

The Department runs a number of local and national co-curricular activities such as Student Investor and the Bank of England Challenge, as well as often inviting speakers into School to talk on a range of topics from urban regeneration to sanitation and development in the 3rd world.



Business Management provides an appreciation of the value of business activity, plus a practical understanding of how businesses operate and why business decision-making is so important.

The course aims to blend academic rigour with the development of practical skills relevant to businesses in the twenty-first century.

Students have the opportunity to take part in local and national business-related competitions which support more traditional classroom learning.